Product design | UI design
FOCLY was designed to solve a social issue we face every day - distracted driving.

FOCLY is a portable Head-up Display with an integrated voice assistant that can be installed in almost any car. It is connected to the driver’s phone via Bluetooth and projects only important incoming messages and information (thanks to Artificial Intelligence) into the driver’s field of vision. At the same time the phone is blocked while driving. The driver can stay connected without taking the hands off the wheel and the eyes off the road.
FOCLY has been designed to fit any dashboard. Fabric cover was used to prevent the device from dusting, for better sound and protection of the glass.
The design should be as minimalistic and simple as possible, so that the product fits into the interior of almost any car and blends in almost seamlessly with the interior.
The display has been designed to ensure a minimum of elements and a minimum of visual clutter, while still providing the optimum amount of information.
The information is visually perfectly integrated into the environment so that the driver always has the road in his field of vision.

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